Why Hire Us?

Hiring a professional cleaning service can save you time and headaches. Here are some of the most common reasons our clients say they use us over independent maids: 

We guarantee our work

When something is overlooked, it can be difficult to point it out to the independent cleaner. You have to be the supervisor and provide the correction, when needed. Our clients call our office or submit a request for touchups on our after-clean surveys and we return to reclean per our guarantee. We’re happy to say that we maintain a consistent 4.7 star rating, however if we do overlook anything we pride ourselves on making it right.

We take care of taxes 

Tax law requires the homeowner to become an “employer” if a person(s) makes more than $30 providing services. This means the Independent is now your employee and you are responsible for their payroll taxes.

We are reputable

We’re not against the independents out there. In fact, we lift them up. It’s just that the good ones are hard to find. All of our employees are trained by us and they ARE the good ones. When you hire a service, you can review the experience of many clients, not just a few. The larger number of reviews, the more you can accurately assess the company.

We’re insured and bonded

Professional cleaning services are insured or bonded to give you peace of mind when opening up your home and letting others in.

We ensure your cleaner can legally work in the U.S.

If you hire an Independent, it is your responsibility to ensure the worker is legal to work in the United States. Not doing so could result in fines.

We have a support staff 

Our support staff includes friendly phone reps who are standing by to answer your questions, change service dates, take payments, relay instructions, etc. This takes care of all the “admin” stuff so your cleaner can focus on cleaning the whole time. Additionally, we have an Operations Director and Field Supervisor on staff.